Avoiding Bug Bites This Summer

Whether you are going camping or just going to the park, be on alert for insects – especially ticks and mosquitoes, which are known to carry diseases.

What you should wear:

  • Light-colored, long sleeve shirt
  • Long pants
  • A hat
  • Avoid wearing clothes with floral patterns that may attract insects

Secure clothes to prevent insects from getting underneath. Pants and shirts can be secured with rubber bands or tape.

Spray on the bug spray:

  • Your most important accessory is bug spray. It can be used to help avoid insect bites.
  • Make sure to follow the directions for use. Also note any special precautions when using it on a child

Some other tips to take into consideration:

  • Avoid the underbrush and tall grass while hiking
  • After being outdoors for a long period of time, inspect yourself for ticks.
  • Shower immediately after coming indoors
  • Protect your pets too. If you have pets that go outdoors, use a repellent made for that type of pet and apply it according to the label. Check your pets often for ticks.

Frimark/Keller & Associates would like to wish you a safe and fun summer. Remember we are here for all your summer insurance needs: motorcycles, boats, RVs, and campers. Give us a call to get a free, no obligation quote today.


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