Equipment Breakdown Coverage is Important for Your Home

It’s one of the hottest weeks in the summer and your air conditioner breaks down. A service contractor informs you that the compressor experienced an internal mechanical breakdown and needs to be replaced, that’s a $3,000 repair. This type of mechanical breakdown is not covered under your basic homeowners insurance policy. Unfortunately, the cost of replacing your unit will come directly out of your pocket.

Now think about all the other items in your house that are subject to mechanical or electrical breakdown.

            Washing Machines and Dryers          Refrigerators and Freezers

            Computers                                              Home Security Systems

            Swimming Pool or Hot Tub Filtration            Electrical Panels

            Microwaves                                                     Ovens

            Dishwashers                                                    Water Heaters

            Ventilating Systems and Exhaust Fans          Well Pumps    

            TVs and Stereo Equipment                             Sump Pumps

All of the above investments are costly to purchase and just as costly to repair or replace. Most of this equipment requires sophisticated diagnostic tools and skilled technicians to oversee the repair. Most homeowners policies exclude these types of losses, putting your important investments at risk. You can always get individual warranties that can be costly and confusing to manage, but with Equipment Breakdown coverage, both your home and your budget are protected.

Equipment Breakdown coverage protects you against the unexpected repair or replacement costs that are due to a mechanical, electrical or pressurized systems breakdown. Additionally to the coverage, loss prevention information and loss adjustment services are customized at a fraction of the cost of some warranties ($25-$35 annually). This coverage also follows the terms and conditions of your homeowners insurance policy.

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