Keeping Your Kids Occupied On Your Next Road Trip

With spring break coming soon, are you dreading the long road trip you are taking with your kids? Don’t wait for the fun to start at the end of your journey. Have the fun start on the way there and keep the choruses of “Are we there yet?” to a minimum with these boredom-busting ideas for your entire family:

Go Old-School

Do you remember playing “I Spy,” “20 Questions,” and “License Plate Game?” How about you turn off the technology and revisit these classic car games you may have played as a kid with your children. Need a refresher? Click here for instructions on how to play the top 10 road trip games.

Tell Stories

Have your kids pick out an interesting vehicle or driver they see on the road and make up a story about where they are going. Or, you could try team storytelling: Each person in the car makes up part of the story until everyone runs out of ideas. You can even write the story down as you go and have the kids draw pictures to make your own custom-made family story.

Get App-y

This one is the opposite of going old-school: Take full advantage of technology with some popular road trip game apps like these:

  • Road Trip Scavenger Hunt: This app combines components of “I Spy” and the “ABC Game” to a whole new level. You can decide if you want to look for words, objects or a combination of both and you can choose how many points it will take to win. 99 cents for this app
  • Bingo Apps: There are lots of versions of this “I Spy”-like app out there. Most of them work the same way: The app features a bingo game board, but instead of letters and numbers, it features icons of items you might see near the road, like cows, light poles, and gas pumps. Like you play “Bingo,” the first one to fill a row or column wins. Prices vary for this app
  • Fun Blast Trivia App: With this app you can keep the driver awake. This quiz app covers your favorite topics like: movies, TV, history, geography, pop culture and more. This app is free
  • Mad Libs App: This game has come a long way from the paper and pen, now you can fill-in-the-blanks on your phone. Still a ton of fun to see what kind of stories you can come up with. This app is free

Take a Detour

There are a ton of interesting and fun attractions on the road that it might be worth a little extra driving to stop and see something unlike anything you have seen before. If you’re looking for something unusual, check out You can find unusual side destinations like the Mystery Spot in St. Ignace, MI; Home of the Hamburger in Seymour, WI; and the World’s Largest Alligator in Christmas, FL.

Document It

Take along a journal for your family to write notes, draw pictures and capture memories of your trip. Have your kids take pictures with their phones or disposable cameras of whatever captures their eye. This strategy not only keeps everyone occupied, looking for photogenic roadside scenery; at the end of the trip you can put it all together to create a unique family memento of your trip.

Remember to have fun and if you need anything like roadside assistance please don’t hesitate to give Frimark/Keller & Associates a call. We are here to help.


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