I Rent...Do I Need Homeowners Insurance?

"Why do I need homeowners insurance? I rent, and my things aren’t worth that much?” We hear this from many of our clients who live in apartments or homes as renters. The need for insurance for these is greater than you think. Example……the bathtub overflows and the people downstairs have water damage. If you have renters insurance, you’re covered for the damage you are responsible for. You have a small party in your apartment, someone has too much wine, falls and gets hurt. If you are sued, you’re covered. Someone accuses your dog of biting them. You think it’s not true, but who’s going to defend you. You’re covered by your renters insurance. You hit a golf ball through a picture window at the golf course…oops. I hope you have insurance for that one. A kitchen fire in the building causes smoke damage throughout. Renters insurance would cover that too.

And…………guess what. If we already write your car insurance, you would get a 10% discount on that. The savings makes the renters insurance cost, next to nothing. If you don’t believe me, give us a call and well show you, or fill out the renters info on our website. So, if you are renting or have friends and family renting, give us a call.



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