Back to School Madness

2014 is flying by and it's back to school season once again. With school back in session, ask yourself this simple question: are your kids ready to tackle the new school year? You've probably already tackled your back to school shopping list, but what about making sure that your kids are physically and emotionally prepared for the upcoming shift?

The first day of school can bring about a lot of emotions in a child and you need to be ready to encourage them to learn and be successful. As these first few weeks of the school year take place, consider these tips and activities that will help your children through the transition into a new year: 

Practice a Morning Routine

It is critical to make sure that your child is prepared for early mornings. After a lazy summer dedicated to relaxing and sleeping in, most children are cranky when they need to get up before the sun (and can you blame them?) but if you practice a morning routine for a week or two before the first day of school, you may find that your mornings are a bit less stressful.

Encourage Independence

As your children get older, you will naturally want to teach them to do more for themselves. The beginning of a new school year is a great time to add to their responsibilities. Small children can focus on writing their own name or tying their shoes and older kids can help by picking out their own wardrobe and packing a lunch in the mornings.

Have a Regular "Homework Time"

Nightly homework is a battle for many children. You can help alleviate the homework headaches by creating a routine for your child. Set aside a time and place for your child every night - for example, right after dinner at the kitchen table. Also try to make sure that you are available while your child works to check their progress and keep them on task.

Create a "Plan B" for Sick Days

Don't wait until the last minute to create a sick day plan for your child. This is especially true in families where both parents work. If you get a call from the school nurse and can't get away from your desk, you need to have a plan in place instead of scrambling. Consider having a trusted babysitter or another parent pick your child up and make sure to fill out the necessary paperwork with the school ahead of time, if necessary.

Work Together to Create Success

Instead of dictating your child's routine, let them help make their schedule. Ask them if they would rather study as soon as they get home or wait until after dinner. If you children have a hand in creating their routine, they might be more likely to follow it!

Are you excited about the school year? The employees here at Frimark/Keller & Associates want to hear about your tricks for preparing children for the first day of school - leave a comment here on our blog and tell us how you do it!


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