How To Save Money On Your Wedding Day

Yes it is not June. However, weddings happens every day. Planning for one often lasts a year or more. Enjoy these helpful tips.

Every bride wants their wedding day to be unforgettable. It's not unusual to spend months - even years - planning out every detail of those few special hours. Within the course of planning this extraordinary occasion, though, it's easy to get caught up in the making the day spectacular and forget about the bottom line - the budget.

In truth, your wedding day will be unforgettable regardless of how much you spend, and your family and friends will have a blast even if your don't break the bank. If you want to learn a few great ways to save some money on your wedding, check out these great tips:

Account for Attire

When you are planning your bridal attire, make a budget and stick to it! When shopping for a gown, ensure that your attendant knows your price range and don't try on anything that you're not will to pay for. Falling in love with a dress that doesn't fit into your financial plan would be disastrous, so don't give yourself the chance.

If you're not a sentimental person, you can also save money by renting your dress instead of purchasing. Your groom will likely rent his tux, so why don't you consider the same? There are a lot of options that allow brides to look beautiful without breaking the bank.

Budget for Beauty

Many brides insist on hiring professionals to do hair and makeup. Instead, you may wish to consider allowing everyone to do their own styling. Sure, premium treatments like acrylic nails and airbrushed makeup may sound tempting, but is it really worth the added costs?

Just keep in mind - when you look at your wedding pictures in the years to come, you'll be looking at everyone's smiling faces. More than likely you won't care if they wore a first-rate up-do or not.

Be Frugal With Food

Believe it or not, catering is typically one of the most expensive parts of a wedding. Because of this, many couples are tending to treat their guest to more casual cuisine, including potlucks, cookouts and even food trucks!

If you are set on a more formal occasion, why not save some money by hosting a cocktail party instead of a formal dinner. You'll save even more if you limit your beverage purchases. Instead of an open bar, consider offering your guests complimentary beer, wine or soda, with more premium options available at a cost.

Less Money, More Memories

Pictures are an important part of every wedding day, but that doesn't mean that you need to spend a fortune on the best photographer in town! When selecting a photographer, gather recommendations, explore portfolios and ensure that you are getting a good value. Also remember that most photographers charge by the hour. Ask yourself this - do you really need to professionally capture the last hour or two of your reception? Will your guest's photos suffice?

Secure Your Savings

If a disaster or calamity occurs, ensure that you will get all of your money back. The only reliable way to do this is with a wedding insurance policy. With this affordable policy, you can guarantee they you won't suffer a financial setback if one of you vendors fails to show up, one of your key wedding party members gets sick, or your venues need to break your contract.

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