College Student Safety

The fall semester is in full swing for College students around the country. As mid-term exams come and go, we know that you're busy with your studies and that you want to make sure that you are always performing at peak efficiency. While you study, though, it's about time to review some helpful safety information for the best ways to protect yourself both on and off campus.

During Class and Around Campus

As a student, you probably spend a lot of time on campus. Between classes, labs, visits to your advising office and attending on campus social and club events, you need to make sure that you are protecting yourself at all times. To do that, stay vigilant at all times and use these tips:

Always make sure that someone knows where you are at all times. If you're going out, tell a friend or  your roommate where you are going and how long you expect to be gone.

Never leave your electronics or school bag unattended.

If you see anyone suspicious on campus, alert campus security. (It's always better to be safe than sorry!)

Never walk alone on campus after dark. If your college or university offers a personal safety escort program, give them a call. Take the time now to look up their phone number and store it in your contacts list.

Only drink if you are of legal age and always make sure that you keep an eye on your glass at a party (whether its contents are alcoholic or not).

In Your Home, Apartment or Dorm Room

You're at risk even when you're not out and about. Some thieves see college students as easy targets for theft. Avoid putting yourself and your belongings at risk with these tips:

When not in use, all windows and doors should be locked. This includes when you are just checking the mail or borrowing a book from a neighbor down the hall.

Never invite strangers into your home. If they claim to be from maintenance, always ask to see an ID or call your resident assistant for confirmation.

Have an inventory of all your electronics and valuables. Record all the information you have, including serial numbers. This list could come in handy if anything of yours is ever stolen. Some colleges also have complementary engraving services for valuables.

Follow your landlord's rules for cooking appliances. Some places don't allow toaster ovens or other appliances, so check to make sure that all of yours are permitted.

When walking to or from your vehicle always carry your keys in your hand. You may also wish to carry a whistle or alarm on your key chain or in your book bag or purse.

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