Four "Strange but True" Health Tips

We've all heard the saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." While it may sound strange at first, there is truth in this statement. Apples are a great health food and eating them provides many great benefits to your body.

As with the apple, there are many other health tips that may initially sound strange to you. We've gathered a few here in this blog post for your enjoyment and education:

Wash your hands after using an ATM.

You often hear the phrase "Dirty Money, " but do you know how much literal truth there is to that description? It turns out, cash contains a lot of bacteria. This means that the ATM, a corral of dirty bills, is the breeding ground for all the germs that bills can contain.

So, if you are someone that uses a lot of paper money, take a little extra precaution and wash your hands (or use some hand sanitizer) after you handle money. You could save yourself a few sick days!

Need an energy boost? Skip the coffee - have a glass of water!

It's not unusual to need an energy boost in the afternoon. There are many different remedies that people use for this, including a cup of coffee, soda, chocolate or other sugar-laden foods, and even taking a nap.

It turns out that a drop in energy can be caused by mild dehydration and the simplest and most productive solution may be to instead grab a glass of water.

Staying hydrated also has other benefits, including a regulated appetite and increased metabolism, prevention of headaches and reduce joint pain.

Some typical kitchen ingredients can help heal wounds.

Next time you cut yourself, don't run to your medicine cabinet. Instead, try out one of the solutions that may be hiding in your pantry!

If you need to stop a cut from bleeding, try using freshly ground black pepper. Using a teaspoon of the spice, when combined with increased pressure, can stop bleeding in record time and much faster than if you used pressure alone.

Next, when you want to clear away any nasty bacteria, turn to your honey pot. Honey has been used to treat cuts and burns for centuries and it has natural antibiotic properties. Just a smear can keep your injury clean and ensure that it is ready for bandaging.

Having a pet can help to lower your blood pressure.

Did you know that having a furry friend can help to lower your blood pressure. As Howard Frimark himself knows, a dog or cat can promote a strong immune system, increase your heart health, encourage exercise and provide love and support.

We also have one not so shocking tip to help your health. You guessed it - buy a health insurance policy! Being able to get regular checkups from trained medical professionals is a key part of staying healthy and the best way to do that is with a health insurance policy from Frimark/Keller & Associates Insurance Agency. For a free quote, just give us a call at 847-907-4520.

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