6 Home Safety Tips for Kids

As summer ends and school is back in session, we would like to remind you about safety at home for your children. Here are some tips to help ease your mind.

  *Note: Young children should never be allowed to stay home alone.*

  1. Keep doors and windows locked at all times. Children who are old enough to be left home alone should be educated on the importance of locking doors and windows.
  2. Don't talk or open the door to strangers. Tell your children not to open the door to strangers. Instead of opening the door to see who's at the door, teach them to use the peephole.
  3. Don't tell anyone that you (parents) are not home. Ask them to tell any phone callers that you are presently busy and that you will return their call as soon as you can.
  4. How to make emergency phone calls. Children should know who, when, and how to call for help. List all emergency numbers and have them posted on the fridge or near the telephone. Describe to your children all the possible scenarios and help them to understand the importance of acting quick but calm. Be sure not to scare them, though and don't forget to reassure them that things will turn out fine.
  5. How to operate a home security system. Children who are old enough should be taught how to operate a security alarm. For kids who are too young, it is important to teach them to respect the device and make them understand that a security system is not a toy. This will help prevent false alarm and the fine that goes with it.
  6. Don't ever walk alone. Tell your kids to never walk alone, to always walk confidently and remind them to always stay alert to their surroundings.
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