Is All Car Insurance the Same?

With all of the TV commercials for Geico, Progressive, Allstate, State Farm, Liberty Mutual etc., the question arises. Is all Car Insurance the same? Is Car Insurance in Florida the Same as in Schaumburg? Is Price the only variable? What happens when the accident happens?

The truth is that all car insurance is not the same. There are a number of things covered on the standard policy(it varies in every state), but there are many different things to consider. When you purchase a new car and drive it home, the value is immediately reduced. If you were in an accident and the car was a total loss, would you be able to get a new car? With most policies, the answer is no. If you are in Aruba and rent a car, are you covered? Some policies yes, some no. Do your rates go up when you are in an accident? Can you rent a car if yours is being fixed as a result of an accident?

The reason for these and many more questions is that all policies are not the same. Saving money on the internet, or with Flo or anyone else may be a good idea at the time, but not claim time. A professional agent can answer all these questions and more. We write car insurance with quality products. Yes price is important, but in 40+ years in  the business, I have never had anyone mention saving money at claim time. Our clients want the best protection at that time and they deserve it. The fact is all car insurance is not the same, and the time to find that out is before the claim occurs. Give us a call and we can review your coverage to make sure you are protected.”

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