Keeping Kids Safe In The Kitchen

It’s summertime. You’re home with the kids. They are hungry and don’t want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich again. You may think they are too young to be in the kitchen but the younger they are and the more time they get in the kitchen is beneficial. Not only will they learn healthy eating habits, they will learn how to be safe as well. 

We have come up with some safety tips for you and your kids while making breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  1.  Always wash your hands with soap and water before you start any recipe. Also remember to wash your hands when you are working with raw meat, poultry, eggs and fish because these foods can contain bacteria.
  2. Keep paper towels, dish towels and pot holders away from the stove top so they don’t catch fire.
  3. Turn pot handles in toward the back of the stove top. This will help keep anyone from bumping into it and knocking it over.
  4. If you are using sharp knives, make sure your parent is there watching over. Do not put knives or other sharp objects into a sink full of water; someone could reach in and cut themselves.
  5. If anyone burns themselves, tell your parent and hold whatever you burnt under cool running water.
  6. Never put water on a cooking fire. If you do it could make the fire bigger. If the fire is small, it can put out with baking soda or you can smother it with pan lid. If the fire gets bigger or it has leaping flames, please leave the house and call 911.
  7. Do not add water to a pan that has hot oil in it. It could cause the oil to splatter and that could burn someone.
  8. Please do not put cooked foods on an unwashed plate or cutting board that had raw food on it. Always use a clean plate.
  9. Remember to keep electrical appliances away from the sink to avoid shocks. Stay away from electrical outlets, especially if your hands are wet.
  10. When you are finished cooking, remember to check the oven and other appliances to make sure they are turned off before you leave the kitchen.

Cooking is a terrific way to get all family members involved with what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We hope you have a fun summer and make lots of memories.


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