Wedding Insurance and Picture Ideas

You have set the date for your big day and you are planning everything to the “T”. While you are planning think of photos you would like to have after your big day is done. We have come up with 20 photo opportunities that you might want to use, along with wedding insurance options. You might not think the two go hand in hand, but without the protection of an insurance policy, you probably won’t be completely relaxed during your wedding and it might show in your pictures.

Wedding Attire Insurance

Once you are engaged, one of the most exciting pre-wedding purchases is buying your wedding dress. We have all seen the TV show dedicated to purchasing the perfect gown. All that excitement can disappear in an instant if something goes wrong with the dress. As a bride, you will more than likely need alterations. So you go to a tailor for your first fitting and they take the correct measurements, so you thought, but at your next fitting the dress is too short and you realize they mixed up measurements from another fitting that was next to you. This mistake will cost you extra money to fit it. For unforeseen circumstances like this that are beyond your control, a wedding attire insurance policy is your best bet. Not only will it cover your dress, but it will cover your future husband’s tux as well. This is also part of a broader wedding insurance package that also covers gifts, rings, and photos. An insurance policy like this will help pay for the additional alterations required to fix the dress.

Picture Opportunities:

There are lots of fun and creative picture ideas you can do with wedding attire.

  1. Getting Ready – take some casual shots of the bridal party getting ready before the ceremony. Take some pictures of the mother helping to button the dress or putting on the veil, the groom and groomsmen tying their bow ties and the bride getting her hair and makeup done will show the excitement of the beginning of the wedding day.
  2. Just of the Attire – still life photos of the bride’s dress on the hanger, the bride and groom’s shoes as they stand next to one another, or the collection of “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” on a chair. Giving special attention to each piece that you have chosen with your loved one will show the detail and effort that went into planning your wedding.
  3. The “Extras” – it might sound silly, but the intricate details that you spent so much time planning can be easily forgotten in the years after your wedding. The best way to remember these “extras” is with a photo. Ask your photographer to take pictures of the bouquets and boutonnieres, the programs and invitations, and welcome bags for out-of-town guests.
  4. The First Meeting – one of the most exciting moments for the bride and groom is the first time they see each other in their wedding attire. This may be a pre-arranged meeting before the ceremony or as the bride walks down the aisle. Either way, having pictures of the bride and groom’s reactions to one another is priceless. Other related photo ideas include the bride spending time with her father, the bridal party walking down the aisle and the bride and groom exchanging vows.
  5. Showing Off – some of the best pictures can be the most casual ones. Before and after the ceremony, the bridal party can show their excitement for the big day, as well as their attire, with several candid shots. Some ideas of these are: the groomsmen lifting the bride, the groom with the bridesmaids, the bridal party jumping for joy all at once and the bride and groom walking off into the sunset. These pictures can be done before or after the ceremony, just depends on your schedule.

Wedding Liability Insurance

A basic wedding insurance policy will generally cover the wedding attire, gifts or a rescheduled wedding date, wedding liability insurance is different. When you are at your reception, you will be happy to have protection against events such as bodily injury, personal injury and property damage. Let’s imagine that you are out on the dance floor enjoying the fact that you are married and one your guests sprains their ankle as they attempt to demonstrate the latest dance craze. This part of the policy would help pay for their medical bills It would also cover any property damage cause to the venue if something were destroyed. Depending on the wedding venue, you may be required to have a policy with $1 million to $2 million in liability coverage, so it is best to speak with the reception hall representative to clarify the amount of insurance you will need.

Picture Opportunities:

  1. Time for Fun – With the ceremony completed, it’s time to relax and have some fun! Make sure you get a photo of the bride and groom walking back up the aisle together, greeting their guests, and the bridal party talking with each other.
  2. Formal Pictures – It doesn’t matter if you get married at religious location, at a park or in a bar, it’s still a fun idea to take the time to have your formal wedding pictures taken. This can include one with the entire bridal party, just the bride and groom and pictures with each side of the family.
  3. The Send Off – After the formal pictures are taken, you may want your guests to provide well wishes for your marriage. Having your guests shower you with bubble or flower petals as you leave the ceremony location and make sure to capture the moment with a picture or two.
  4. Getting to the Reception – Maybe you have rented a limo, a town car or a horse-drawn carriage to take you and your bridal party to the reception. However you are getting there, have your photographer take pictures of you traveling to the reception. If possible, make a few stops along the way at sites that are visually interesting to capture your first few moments as a married couple.
  5. Get Creative – Before your reception starts, take the opportunity to have some creative pictures taken. Your photographer may want to use the unique light of the sun setting or the falling rain or snow as a way to create drama or depth in the photo. You can also use props to add a bit of drama.
  6. Highlight the Venue – Your venue itself can serve as a background to your photos. Use the landscape and the architecture to your advantage. Maybe there is a hill on the property that the bride and groom could walk down. Or maybe a beautiful wrought iron fence to bring in a new pop of color.

Host Liquor Liability

Many couples want to provide their guests with a variety of beverages at their wedding reception, including alcohol. Consider purchasing a host liquor liability policy if you intend to serve liquor. This policy will protect you from any bodily injury or property damage stemming from alcohol-related incidents. This kind of policy is different from a general wedding insurance policy because it is only for accidents pertaining to intoxicated guests. You should check with your reception venue representative and your state laws, as the amount of coverage you might need will vary. For example, if your guests choose to drink and then get into a fight with another, or they drive off the reception venue premises while intoxicated you might be help financially responsible for any damages. Having a host liquor liability insurance policy will help cover the costs.

Picture Opportunities:

  1. Still Life – Just like during the wedding ceremony, there are many opportunities for the photographer to capture all the intricate details of your wedding reception. Photos may include the cake, table decorations, the wedding card box and the guest book.
  2. Bridal Party Entrance – Whether you have the entire wedding party introduced to your guests or just the bride and groom, capturing their entrance into the reception is always a fun way to show the start of the evening’s festivities.
  3. The Speeches – Wedding receptions today have several people give speeches. Some of the best photos come from the reactions that the guests and bridal party have to them, from funny stories to more emotional moments, these pictures will capture the moment.
  4. Cutting the Cake – Most weddings have cakes or other desserts as part of their celebrations. Traditionally, the cake is cut by both the bride and groom as their first task done together as a married couple.
  5. The First Dance – The bride and groom’s first romantic dance together is a great photo opportunity. Have your photographer not only capture the two of you together, but also have them change their shooting angle to show the guests watching.
  6. Candid Moments – There will be plenty of candid moments throughout your reception that the bride and groom may not see: a dance between the parents, a young niece or nephew entertaining the crowd and many more. Ask your photographer to walk around during the reception to take pictures of your guests having fun.

Destination Wedding Insurance

If you are looking for a way to celebrate your wedding in a different or unique way, a destination wedding may be right for you. Planning a wedding long-distance could mean additional risks, for example, there may be a hurricane, a key person in your wedding party comes down with an illness before traveling to the destination, or a vendor may cancel. These issues might mean to reschedule or pay an extra cost to ensure the wedding continues as planned. You can help protect these types of risks with a destination wedding insurance policy.

Picture Opportunities:

  1. The Ceremony – One of the best parts of having a destination wedding is the opportunity to get married in a unique setting. A beach-side villa, a castle in the countryside, or up in the mountains. Make sure you have your photographer capture the beauty of the landscape.
  2. The Destination – After the ceremony, take advantage of the beautiful sights that your destination provides. Pictures ideas include the venue without the bridal party, the bride and groom taking in the sights, or your loved ones relaxing in the picturesque location.
  3. Bonus Pictures – If you are planning a destination wedding, you might have more unique decorations, food, bouquets, and much more. Have your photographer capture the creativity you put into your destination wedding with candid photos of the bridal party and guests that highlight these features.

Talk with an Agent

If you have additional questions about how to protect your wedding so that these key moments are captured on camera, call Brittany Drugon here at Frimark/Keller & Associates or your local independent insurance agent. They will have the knowledge and experience to recommend the right wedding policies to suit your individual needs and concerns.


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