Your Life Can Change Overnight, Be Insured

With my first blog (and I hope you don’t want it to be my last), I have been in a quandary over what to write. The easy thing would be the healthcare situation in Washington, and certainly I have an opinion on that. I had intended to include that in this article. Then, something happened that changed my mind.

I had lunch last Friday with an old client and friend who told me the story of his life for the last 18 months. You see, his wife had a brain tumor which was operated on. She was a vibrant woman of 50 years old. After the surgery, she was unable to walk, talk, eat, hear, or see to any degree. Most of the major nerves to the body from the brain were affected. He said that she worked daily on rehab with hired therapists, and with him.

He said that the good news is this. With all of the physical therapy and hard work, slowly but surely progress occurred. She began to hear in one ear, she can lift her arm. She can now walk. Miraculously, her tongue exercises are working. The feeding tube is gone. She actually drove a car to the store!! She has a long way to go but has come so far!

So then he said to me, “Bob, tell your clients how their lives can change Bob’s Blog overnight. They need to look at long term care insurance and life insurance. I know these are topics I never wanted to address, nobody does, but they are things you need to talk about.” Well, I just did.

I will continue to talk with you and my team about this. I tell my team that we are here when tragedy occurs. That’s our job. In spite of all of the criticism that our industry takes, I am proud of our role. Our role is to help people. Yes, we insure buildings and cars and homes and equipment, but primarily insure and help people. Ours is a people business and we need to be there when you need us. Enough said.

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