Lawnmower Safety

Most lawnmower injuries are preventable if you concentrate on your task and use common sense.

Some basic tips

  • Read the instruction manual before using a lawnmower.
  • Be sober.
  • No bare feet
  • Always wear closed toe shoes.
  • Do not remove safety devices, shields or guards on switches, and keep hands and feet away from moving Lawnmower Safety parts.
  • Stay away from the engine cowling, as it can become very hot and burn unprotected flesh.
  • Add fuel before starting the engine, not when it is running or hot.
  • Use a stick or broom handle (not your hands or feet) to remove debris in lawnmowers.
  • Never let children operate lawnmowers. Keep kids 15 years of age and younger away when lawnmowers are in use.
  • Do not leave a lawnmower unattended when it is running. If you must walk away from the machine, shut off the engine.
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