Real Faces, Voices & Concerns

In watching TV today we are inundated with insurance commercials. Well over one billion dollars is spent on insurance TV advertising, and most of it has taken a professional service like insurance down to the lowest common denominator.

Let me say this; we aren't little green lizards, cartoon girls or variety store actresses pretending to know about insuring you, your home, business and/or car, and all of those other parts of your life that need protecting.

Nope, we are the real thing; real people with real faces, real voices and real concerns. We are your protection team. Give us a call (847-692-3010) or come by and meet us.

Again, I'd like to remind all of our clients and friends what we do. We write all types of insurance, both business and personal. Car, home, property, liability, worker's compensation, life, health and almost any type of insurance you can think of is what we do. We are here to talk with  you about all the important things that need protecting and how to do it in the most economical way.

One more thing. Does your savings plan include a non-taxable retirement benefit, a long term care benefit, and the ability to pay out the goal amount of money you're planning to save if you happen to die before you can accumulate? We can show you how Universal Life can work for you as a savings plan, long term care plan and life insurance all in one. We'd love to discuss this with you.

Congratulations to our business of the month, WineStyles of Park Ridge, and thank you to our monthly referral program winners, Mr. & Mrs. Kuhr, and Mr. & Mrs.Whelton, and to the many people who have taken part in our "million dollar" referral program. Thanks again for your business. Our protection team is her to serve all your insurance needs.

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We want to protect what matters most to you.

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