Insure Your Pets With Pekin

No one likes to think about a beloved pet getting hurt or sick, but it can happen anytime.

Pets are typically curious, active, and often quite fearless, so itʹs difficult to protect them from all dangers all of the time. Pets also get sick, just like people do. In fact, every year about 6 million dogs and 6 million cats are diagnosed with cancer in the US (American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, 2005). Thatʹs where pet insurance comes in.

By covering your pet, you can make sure that youʹll be able to afford the medical care he or she needs. After all, when your pet is hurt or sick, you have enough to worry about without having to think about how youʹre going to pay for treatment. Pekin Insurance Company is now offering Pet Insurance.

What is covered:

  • Cats and dogs, $100 deductible
  • 10% of coinsurance, up to four animals
  • Can buy up to $5000 in coverage a year; dogs should be 6 weeks to 8 years, cats should be 6 weeks to 10 years
  • Once enrolled they will not be dropped (both cats and dogs)
  • This insurance covers illnesses and accidents, not shots and regular check ups

If you are interested in this insurance please give our office a call at 847-692-3010.

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