Wedding Season is Almost Here

Wedding Season is Almost here. What do you need to do before you say, "Yes to the dress."

Your wedding may be fast approaching. Congratulations!! You are probably in the midst of planning, with the caterer, the banquet hall, the florist, the photographer, DJ and more. You may have already put down deposits, and I know the entire wedding is a major financial commitment. Everything is planned perfectly, but we have all heard stories of how sometimes bad luck can intervene. Losses can range from venders going out of business, postponement due to illness of a parent, military leave, damage to wedding attire, postponement due to weather, loss of jewelry, and more. with the average wedding cost hovering around $25,000, this is a big deal.

Maybe the "Travelers Wedding Protector Plan" is something you should consider. It helps to protect the investment you have made in your wedding. The cost starts at $160.

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