Keeping Home Insurance Rates Down

I am asked all the time”Why is my homeowners insurance going up and how can I keep the rates down?” In today’s economy, this is a big concern to many people. As to why it’s going up, check out the weather channel the past couple of years. The amount of storm activity and thus storm related claims is astronomical. Tornados, windstorms, rain storms, hail storms….they are all common place, but devastating to property, and guess what, that is what insurance is for. Insurance basics say that the premiums of many pay for the claims of few, but as the claims increase, the premiums ultimately will too. That is why the rates are going up. How do you keep your premiums down? Well there are many ways, but one important discount you can receive which helps, is to package your home and auto with the same insurer. That can offer up to a 20% discount with some insurers. There are many others too, so when it comes to protection and price, give our team a call or request some information on our website.


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