Storms and Insurance

As we are confronted with the dreadful news of the tornados and their devastation I understand all of the good that is done by the insurance industry. Often we are chastised for the many ills of our industry, but when tragedy strikes, the storm teams of all the major insurers are on the spot immediately with claims people from all over the country being brought to the devastated area. Their job is to help people put their lives back together. Agents as well are there to assist their clients with temporary living and expenses and to help the entire process. It makes me proud of my industry. Our prayers go out to all of those affected.

One last thought. I wonder how many people in this tornado devastation are concerned with the Price of their policies. When claims come, people seldom talk of price. When your house is destroyed, the cheapest policy isn't the most important thing. The important thing is "how does my policy cover me? Do I have the best coverage?" At Frimark/Keller we always think about your protection. We protect you with the best policies, so that when the claims come, you can answer those questions, "Yes, I have the best protection."



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