What do I do when I have a Property Claim?

As I was driving to work this morning through another driving rain storm it struck me. "How well do we inform our clients on what to do when they have a property claim?" I thought I should give a few points here, in light of the windstorms, tornados, flooded basements, etc. Here are couple of points.

  1. Do what ever you have to do to protect your property from further loss. 
  2. Either call our office, or call your insurer's 24 hour claim line direct.

  3. If it is after hours and you do not have the insurer's claim phone number, go to our website at www.frimarkkeller.com. The claim numbers and websites are there.

  4. Talk to us. We are here to assist you with the claim process.

These are the things to do to get the process going. Always remember that we here to help. Call us, email us, contact us by website for our help, or just to let us know it's going well. And...as always, thanks for your business. 


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