Is Your Teen Driving Soon?

Your teen will be driving soon. What a time for excitement for the teen and worry for the parents. I remember the first time my daughter went driving on her own. I was happy for her but extremely nervous. I get to see firsthand the teenage claims, so my concern with all three daughters was justified!! Our protection team likes teen drivers and we work to make the experience both easy and affordable. As you know, Illinois has strengthened the driver license requirements over the years. Much more supervised driving practice is required to get your license.

Here are some teenage driving statistics:

  • Two thirds of teen deaths result from car crashes.
  • Teen drivers are 4 times more like to crash.

  • Over 40% of teen motor vehicle deaths occur between 9PM and 6AM.

  • The presence of teen passengers increases the crash risk.

  • Speeding and following too close are the two biggest reasons for teenage crashes.

Frimark/Keller & Associates have a few suggestions:

  • Protect your assets with an Umbrella policy.
  • Try a teen monitoring system. Safeco's teensurance is the industry's best.

  • Insure your teen with an insurance friendly car.

  • Go to the pros that know DISCOUNTS...that's us.

Give our protection team a call. We can help you with the mental, emotional, and financial risks involved in your teen driver. We are always here to help. 



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