Another Stormy Weekend

Another stormy Friday night brings seven inches of rain, power outage, and many flooded basements. Many learn the hard way that sewer back up is not covered on the standard homeowners policy. What a tough lesson that can be.

Fortunately that protection is available and is added to most Homeowners policies at F/K&A. we recommend the coverage to our policyholders and continually talk about it. Why – because it is the claim we see the most often and it is one that most insurance people neglect. Are you protected?

I am also reminded that should emergency arise, our website is always available with 24-hr claim number for all of our major companies. So should disaster strike after hours, go to and you can communicate with us or our insurance companies. They are linked to our website.

So protection and service even in the tough times. That is what we are here for. Call us and let’s talk.


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