Getting Younger

It is with great pleasure that we add a new member to our team. Keith Armstrong has joined us and will be working on new business sales. It is time our team gets younger, and Howard and I are thrilled to add Keith to our team. Not that Howard and I are that old, but……now we are in the 30 something era, we have people to talk and relate to everyone. Notice that we are getting more active on facebook. Are you a fan of ours? Well both Keith and Vicki are active on facebook, and Vicki keeps our page up to date, with both informative information, and with some fun. Check out her trivia contests on Fridays.

Why do I write about these things? Because I want our clients and friends to know we are dedicated to service. We will communicate in all of the ways, whether by phone, text, email, blog, newsletter, facebook……however we can spread our message, and protect our clients. So on this Thursday, check us out.


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