Summer's Last Legs


Here we are on August 18th and the feeling is that summer is on its last legs, not that it has gotten much cooler. Moms are getting ready for kids to go back to school, the Walmart is full of people buying school supplies, and the preseason football is on the TV. For me, today is the day Cameron, our 11 year old grandson goes back to Florida. As some of our clients know, he spends the summer with my wife, Nancy and me. So for us, summer is waning, and more immediately, we are sad that he will be gone for another year.

We do look forward to fall and all the season brings and it brings a lot. The Chicago area is beautiful, the weather is great, and hopefully, the Bears play well. At work, we look to end the year and always are making plans for next year. Fall means Howard and I are going to the State Convention and the Pekin Insurance trip. Fall means family birthdays, and quality time with Nancy. All of these are great things to look forward to and hope always springs eternal...but for today...we are a little sad.


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