Two Simple Truths

On the heels of the August 24th earthquake on the East Coast, followed by Hurricane Irene last weekend...two simple truths:

        Only a flood policy covers flood damage to your home.

        Only an earthquake policy covers earthquake damage to your home.

No wiggle room here. You either have coverage or you don't. The threat of flood or earthquake is remote, but consider August 2011 a wake up call. Both events have happened, and could happen here with severe consequences. We have had earthquakes and floods in Illinois. This isn't Chicken Little stuff anymore.

We just don't know how severe the next event will be. What to do? Be prepared with the right coverage now. Give our office a call or email us. The idea is, once you know you really need flood or earthquake insurance, it's too late. You wait, you lose - period, simple, done.


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