Autumn is Here

Autumn is here. Yes it is here for all of us in the Midwest to enjoy, as the mystery of the changing weather, the leaves turning, kids back to school, the smells of burning leaves and the preparation the the Holiday season. All of these things bring change, and hope too.

For our family, most of us who love fall, a new blessing came. A little girl, named for the season we all love. Autumn. Blessings come in many ways, mostly when you least expect them, and often when you don’t realize them. Thus is the case this year. As we all love the Fall season, from now on it will have a greater meaning than ever. So as the leaves fall, the pumpkins are carved, the apple cider is drank, the jackets are donned, the football stadium crowd roars, I will understand this season in a different way, and thank the Lord for a wonderful blessing.

Welcome Autumn!


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