What To Do If Your Pipes Freeze

We have been lucky that freezing temperatures have just joined us. With freezing temps comes water-related claims, such as frozen pipes. Frozen water pipes in your home are a problem in both cold and warm climates, which affect some quarter-million families each winter. Whether your home has plastic or copper pipes, they can freeze. We […]

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Should I Bundle My Insurance?

From cell phone contracts to Internet packages, bundling is a popular way for companies of all kinds to hook you into multiple services, usually at a discounted price. If you have been in the market for a new insurance plan, if you are talking to an agent or searching online, you have probably come across […]

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Help Us Raise Some Money

Like us on Facebook and we will donate to St. Jude’s and Schaumburg Food Pantry Starting November 1st, we will donate $1 to both St. Jude Children’s Hospital and Schaumburg Food Pantry for every NEW “Like” we receive on our Facebook Page.* St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital has helped the overall childhood cancer survival rate to […]

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Ways To Reduce Workers’ Comp Costs

You know it’s bound to happen, one of your employees gets hurt while on the job. Some of your employees may be tempted to take advantage of workers’ compensation benefits. You can reduce the risk of paying more benefits than necessary by implementing a program that offers a good incentive to return to work. According […]

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Keeping Kids Safe In The Kitchen

It’s summertime. You’re home with the kids. They are hungry and don’t want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich again. You may think they are too young to be in the kitchen but the younger they are and the more time they get in the kitchen is beneficial. Not only will they learn healthy eating […]

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10 Boating Safety Tips

It’s always a good idea to review boating safety rules before you set sail, no matter how much experience you have. We have found 10 basic boating safety tips to help keep you safe while you are on the water this summer. Be Weather-Wise: Always check your local weather before you depart. The TV and […]

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